History of the quartet

Phone numbers to A.QUARTET: tel./fax +48 32 206-68-67, tel. +48 602-355-898, tel. +48 600-274-012
www.aquartet.katowice.pl, mail: aquartet@aquartet.katowice.pl

The A.Quartet formed in October 2000 has rich repertoire. Until now team has played over then 300 pieces from different styles and periods. On the concerts you can hear: jazz, blues, rock & roll, pop, music from famous films, musicals, operettas and classical music.

From the beginning A. Quartet is bound up with Cogitatur Theatre, played there many times during the year.

The groupís debut took place on Theatre stage. Concert colled "A.Quartet by evening" consist dance music pieces from Bach to pop hits, A. Quartet invited proffesional dance group, who shows the audience waltz, tango, samba, rock & roll and many others.

A. Quartet starts to perform on business and political meetings, conferences and symposiums, like "Busines Woman League Conference", "ISO 9002 Certyficate Gala".

Lately worked with german artists, A. Quartet participated in musical-dance-poetic play, which was inspired by Polish romantic poetry. Perfomances took place in Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Since twoo years A. Quartet has been performed in hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in Katowice and area. Group also play during fashion shows, exhibitions, Christmas and Valentines Day shows, and many other feast-days.